The Challenge

You have a website but it is not driving new business. You cant find your web page when doing searches online and that means your customers or potential customers cannot find you either. The web is a crowded space today and having a website is critical to building you online brand but it is really only the first step. You need a strategy to make your website rank in search engines. There is no magic bullet there are many factors that determine where your site ranks.

The Solution

You need a flexible SEO [Search Engine Optimization] program. One that is built for your business and the space that you are in. At DigitalReturns we will perform a site and space analysis. We can then present a program that will help you climb in rank, increase visits and make your website a valuable tool for your business. Contact DigitalReturns to find out more about our successful SEO strategy.


SEO Plans and Pricing

Once you have a site online you will need to promote it to draw visitors. Our programs provide monthly reports and meetings to review progress, discuss strategy and assess progress.

SEO - Tune Up

$300/One Time
  • Complete Site Analysis
    Tag Clean Up
    Content Assessment
    Keyword Analysis
    Competitor Analysis
    Support Site Account
    Local Directory
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SEO - Basic

  • SEO Tuneup
    + Site Optimization
    + Social Media Management
    + Domain Analysis
    + Monthly Reporting
    + Traffic Analysis
    + Content Management

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